How To Sell Property Correctly

Owners in Germany – more often than in other European countries – sell their flat, terraced house or single-family house without a real estate agent. The sale of real estate is one of the most risky private sales, since the sale of a house or an apartment involves very high amounts and very rarely sufficient experience with the owner are available.

Often the biggest mistakes are already made at the beginning, which can be revised later only conditionally. For example, an offer price that is too low or too high can have a major impact on the sales price that can be achieved at the end.

If you sell a property at too low a price, you lose money, if the price is set too high, there are no prospective buyers or they wait for price reductions. With most real estate sales, however, the 10-20% increase or decrease in proceeds decides on the economic success of a real estate sale. After all, you have invested many years of time and money before the sale to keep the property in a very good condition and to service loans.

A property should always be valued by an expert. Pure online calculators only provide an initial rough estimate, as many factors are not taken into account – e.g. floor plan, fixtures, garden design. The condition can only be fully assessed during a site visit. This corresponds to the way real estate valuers and reputable real estate agents work.

When selling real estate privately, a lack of market knowledge, an unrealistic cost estimate, gaps in knowledge about dealing with notaries and the entire legal process as well as an overestimation of one’s own abilities lead to hurdles. The sales process comes to a standstill, real opportunities are lost and you may lose the desire to sell yourself during the sale. Our tip is therefore: you should spare yourself and your family the negative experiences, because land is not a used household appliance but an investment. A real estate sale must be planned with common sense and well thought-out planning. A real estate agent accompanies you through the process – ideally free of charge, as with Maklaro. Take advantage of the experience and negotiating skills of real estate agents who specialize in the sale of real estate.

Sell property currently

More and more people in Germany are currently investing in real estate, prices have risen massively, which is the ideal time for owners to approach the sale. If you want to sell your property in Germany in 2018, you can look forward to many potential buyers with the right price. Low interest rates and no safe and attractive investment alternatives make property more attractive than ever before.

Selling a property with little effort and high sales proceeds is best done with a reputable real estate agent. Over 90 percent of real estate is offered via the Internet. The Internet has changed the way the real estate industry works. Maklaro has taken up this challenge like no other real estate agent in Germany and has fully exploited the associated opportunities to the advantage of its customers:

  • fast communication
  • unbureaucratic information channels
  • Accessibility also outside regular office hours
  • lean, cost-effective organizational structure

If you want to sell your property properly today, you should use the advantages of technical progress. Prospective buyers also use them to search for the right property, make price comparisons and contact brokers by e-mail to find the property of their choice. Real estate buyers are 100% online today, look for a real estate agent who has understood that.

Mistakes in the sale of private property

The biggest mistake or stumbling block for owners is the emotional attachment to the property. It leads directly to the fact that the value of the flat, the house or the property is clearly overestimated. This has fatal consequences! Potential buyers ignore the property. The offer has no attractiveness and therefore you will not find a buyer for a long time. The property will be visible on the online portals for longer than usual, which triggers distrust. You will have no choice but to reduce the price. This step will again leave a negative impression. Furthermore, prospective buyers with dubious intentions will contact you, because they suspect behind the offer the chance to negotiate the price even further down. Often, properties that are too highly valued change their owner far below their market value.

Further mistakes with the sales of private are:

Error 1: Sale period calculated too short or long
Error 2: Faith, I know the value of my property!
Error 3: Documents missing or outdated
Error 4: Incomplete exposé and inconspicuous display
Error 5: Postpone viewing appointments, react late to inquiries
Error 6: Unprepared to go into price negotiations
Error 7: Uncoordinated purchase contract processing and real estate handover

If you want to sell your property correctly, you should be aware of the advantages of a modern real estate agent and check old beliefs. This is how Maklaro:

  • all services free of charge for owners
  • Employees take their time personally
  • protects you against financial risks
  • fast communication with owners and prospective buyers via e-mail
  • professional, appealing exposé
  • Selection of target group-specific marketing channels
  • Coordination and execution of the visits
  • Support of prospective buyers
  • Price negotiation in the sense of the owner
  • Preparation and accompaniment of the notary appointment
  • Explanation of legal facts

Tips for owners: Test your skills in real estate trading. Do you know the current case law and can you deal with people in such a way that they would buy a luxury good from you?

Use service from brokers

Good real estate agents know the real estate market and the price to be achieved. One of their daily tasks is the house number accurate property valuation. In addition, real estate agents are familiar with the features typical of the construction year as well as the current energy requirements. Thanks to many years of practical experience, brokers are able to sell their homes more quickly than private individuals.

A good broker will inform the owner comprehensively about the sales process, give him an insight into the valuation and coordinate the marketing strategy with him. A professional, technology-oriented broker will not only save his customers time and money, but will also achieve better sales proceeds through efficient processing of enquiries, short reaction times and sales experience throughout Germany.

If you want your property to be in safe hands, you should pay attention to the following features:

  • Choose a certified real estate agent
  • Brokers with Germany-wide network
  • Brokerage service for owners free of charge
  • Brokers technically up to date (2018)

Some online portals have taken advantage of the uncertainty of owners and founded so-called broker comparisons. These are not neutral institutions such as Stiftung Warentest, but companies that have contact with brokers and with whom a business relationship is established. Brokers are registered in these databases – often they are small companies with outdated technology and few orders, and the customer data can be passed on or acquired by the broker. There is often a footnote in the title and as the owner you should look at the small print at the bottom of the page – here you will find information on data protection and the use of your request. Entering your real estate and contact information is a request. The portals advertise by suggesting three regional agents. Within a few minutes one of the brokers will call you. The selection criteria are simple and therefore completely inappropriate, as real estate is one of the most individual goods. Every real estate agent wants to sell your property, but the comparison portal cannot determine whether he has sufficient competence for the house, apartment or plot.

Every owner who can call up a broker comparison is already very familiar with the online world. Anyone who wants to sell cleverly should choose an Internet-savvy real estate agent. All contact today is via e-mail. Fast data exchange is more important than ever. A house sale with a single-line advertisement in the daily paper will have no demand and only cause high costs.

Over 90 percent of real estate is offered on the Internet – making it the largest marketplace where supply and demand meet.

Maklaro offers the safest total package for owners, because every service is free. In addition, the owner receives a personal account in which he can view the current marketing status of his property at any time. This makes Maklaro’s service transparent to the owner and you know what it will be all about every time you call your personal real estate consultant – debriefing an inspection, result of the purchase price discussion with the interested party, notary appointment, etc.