How To Plan a Car Audio System

Start off basic has always been my motto. If you start out planning a basic car audio system, you can then add later on the much more complex car audio components, which will improve sound and bass. For now stick to the basics and you won’t feel like you are in it over your head.

First of all look out for a quality head unit for your car. Prices range from ₤ 50 up to a thousand, depending on what you want from a car head unit. At the lower end, you can get a basic car CD Mp3 player, which has minimalist functions. In the higher up price bracket, you’ll get head units with more gadgets and functions, or a simpler head unit which has an increased quality of output and few good quality functions. For instance, a more expensive head unit may have a dampening function, which dampens outside noises, making your listening experience more pleasurable.

Subsequently to this, decide upon the accessories you are going to use. Obviously if you want to hear your music in the back as well as the front of the car, you will need coaxial mid-range speakers careful placed in the rear, just behind the back passengers. A tweeter may also be added to the front near the head unit, enabling you to hear the higher pitches in the music. Then of course, if you want to hear bass, you will need a subwoofer or two. To start off with you could purchase a small subwoofer, at around 10-12 inches, as these will not take up too much room in your car and they are generally the least expensive.

Depending on the type of music you listen and how bothered you are about quality will reinforce your choices on these options. If you listen to bass heavy music alone, subs would be the option for you. On the other hand if you listen to a variety of music, going for all the accessories will help you to hear through your car audio system all the spectrum of sounds.

Now you will need to correctly power your system through an amp, which will regulate the power to your car audio accessories. To channel power to the front and back speakers, you will need a 4 channel amp as these make it far easier than a 2 channel amp to adjust levels between front and back.

If you want a really high quality system, you could easily end up spending thousands. If you don’t have the extra cash available, start out with the very basics, a head unit, amp and coaxial speakers or component kit, which you can purchase for around ₤ 200 in total. As you save more money, then you can add the rest to your car slowly and surely until its ideal for you and your music tastes. You may also visit lsvc page for more info.


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