Best Boat Trips

How nice it is to sail! Besides being a form of transport, it is a nice way to know many cities and places. Although we have been lucky enough to make many routes in this way, here you have the selection of those for us!

Ready? Let’s sail! 🙂

Navigate the canals of Venice, Italy.

If there is a city par excellence ideal to meet aboard a boat, that is undoubtedly the old and beloved Venice! A city literally on the water makes more than a taste a must to get on one of the many options there are to circulate through its canals.

From a romantic gondola ride, ideal for honeymooners, to the simple and everyday ferry that is used as public transport, any option is valid to give oneself this treat. Gondola rides are not cheap, ranging from 90 euros, but for those who dream of sailing in these mythical boats, it is surely worth it. They can even haggle if they move away from the more commercial or more popular areas, getting better prices. Another way to economize are the gondolas for more than two people, where they can share expenses with another couple for example.

If you are not willing to spend so much money, just take a typical Vaporetto (ferry bus) to get from one place to another! There are also other boats for an intermediate budget between the gondola and the ferry. As you can see, there’s something for everyone!

A nice walk is to go to the island Burano, where they make the famous Burano glass. There beside making a little beach, and taking a delicious gelato, you will be able to go to visit one of these factories where you will be able to see how the process is and obviously buy some of their works if you want.

Any of the fabulous tours at the Nido, Philippines.

I think if there’s one thing we never tire of saying, it’s that we love the Philippines from the moment we arrived at El Nido. You could already sense what we were going to live there when from the plane we were seeing those waters and islets dotted everywhere… and we were not wrong!

The grace that this place has is to do the different tours that they offer, which are for the whole day. They are identified with letters from A to D, they all make different points and beaches of the region, and although they are called the same everywhere, there are different suppliers that offer them.

Although we didn’t sleep much because there was wind and besides moving the tent, you could hear the murderous coconuts that fell from the palm trees hitting the side of us with force, it was totally worth it 😉 By the way, did you know that every year more people die hit by a coconut on the head, than bitten by sharks? Yes, at that moment we didn’t know it haha.

Spend a night in Halong Bay aboard one of the cruise ships, in Vietnam.

Halong Bay, located in the north of Vietnam, is one of those places that we surely saw a thousand times in travel magazines… being one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, and declared World Heritage by UNESCO, without a doubt it is an extremely popular place and one of the most beautiful places in the world.

There are day trips and longer stays in cruises that cross the bay, the options are the most varied. From the simplest boats to typical cruises with all the luxuries, there are for all tastes and also for all pockets.



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